Rules and Information

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Saturdays Games are 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime and on Sunday it will be 25 minute halves with 5 minute halftime. Each team is guaranteed two matches. In the event of a forfeiture, we cannot guarantee a second match. We will do our best to get a second match for those teams. Brackets with quarterfinal matches will be seeded and based upon best record followed by greatest point differential. If necessary, ties will be broken by greatest number of trys or kickoff.

In the event of a severe weather complication, PRFC will not be held liable for maintaining match schedules. An act of God is an occurrence that may or may not forfeit the tournament schedule, and PRFC shall not be held responsible. In the event of a front row substitution, the sub MUST be a qualified front row sub. There will be 5 substitutions allowed per team per match.

In the event that a team drops out of the tournament less than 72 hours before the first kick-off, there will be no refunds given. If a team does not show up, causing a forfeiture, that team will be ineligible to play the following year.


Saturday: In the event of a tie, the games will be decided by:

  • Greatest number of converted trys, or
  • Whoever scored first.

In the event of a scoreless tie, a kickoff * will be held.

Round Robin ties to determine quarter finalists are broken by:

  • Greatest point differential,
  • Greatest number of trys, or Kickoff.

Sunday: In the event of a tie, the games will be decided by:

Excluding Sunday quarterfinal rounds which follow Saturday tie breakers,

  • Two 5 minute sudden death periods will be played,
  • Kickoff*

*Three kickers from each team alternate kicking for goal at same distance/location.) Best of three starting at center location (if still tied, move left for three, then right for three).


Profanity or vulgarity will not be tolerated as a part of pre-game chants or line-out calls.

Abusiveness towards a referee or tournament official may result in a team being disqualified from the tournament and/or future tournaments.


Absolutely NO ALCOHOL will be allowed anywhere on tournament grounds. Porta-Johns have been provided at all fields. Please help us keep them clean. Please park in areas designated for tournament parking. Shuttle buses have been provided for travel to and from the satellite parking lot. Do to space restraints, only a limited number of vehicles will be allowed to park in the main parking area. *ONLY BUSES WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARK ON THE EXIT ROAD*


Any student athlete caught disobeying the alcohol stipulations of this tournament, vandalizing or defacing public or private property or found to have been arrested in any establishment for any reason during the Beast of the East weekend will be immediately reported to the appropriate member of their institution and will cause an immediate ban, from the Beast of the East, for the period of two years or until such time as that individual graduates, whichever is longer.